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Cerulean Circle is a technology development and consulting company that enables digital transformation with innovative knowledge consulting and a breakthrough operating system and IDE for fast and seamless web and app development for the IoT and mobile era.

We deliver to the promise of SUN Microsystems:

The Web is the computer ...
and we are its OS

We are about to see 100 billion IoT devices to fill this world... and still they all use operating systems that where desiged for Human Machine Interaction.

Do they really need a keyboard driver? A similar question as
"Do electric cars realy nead a gear?"

What do Things really need to ...
find each other,
get to know each other,
talk to each other
and become successful for ... actually whom...

We live in times where doing the paradigm shift has become the crutial point of surviving the digital revolution.

ONCE is a 150kb kernel that runs in a browser and changes how Things talk to each other and thus how the Web works. It's like the eclipse OSGi kenel but in JavaScript ES6.

All Hardware is represented as software somewhere... so at first Software needs to find, get to know, talk to other previously unknown software seamlessly. With us you can learn what to do and what to use
to achieve this next generation of Web- and IoT-Components.

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Digital Transformation

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We are rebuilding the Web by creating reusable components, a type safe and object oriented language for the web, and an IoT operating system.

Try it... where? there:

Whether you're a programmer or project manager, this is the perfect starting point! You can decide how deep you want to go into the rabbit hole.

Or wakeup in your bed, continue to believe what you want and watch facebook...

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Knowledge Consulting

There is a lot off buzz about digital transofrmation. On the one hand it is a really old topic, but on the other hand most bosses and leaders have no clear vision about it and thus no strategy and tactics. They know, that they themselves do not know enought about it, therefore they are forced to ask consultants about the details and buy a lot of them to make some reorganisation.

But it's not about reorganisation... becoming more agile... deploying a little more often...

The problem is:
Digital Transformation is about the things you did not know that you did not know. That makes it really hard to ask about it!

Ask your self honestly if you did know this TED Talk: The next 5,000 days of the WWW (Kevin Kelly)
And remeber: This talk is from 2007. Its predictions where incredibly acurate and it teaches you about the root causes, the rules that drive and the goals of digital transformation.

Just Do It

Please invite us to tell you more about the things you did not know that you did not know. We will come to you and listen to your thoughts about your aproach to digital transformation and we will respond with the things you did not know that you did not know to give you the right untouched perspective to make all of you plans become true digital success stories.

We already did that with a lot of German players starting at the same time as the TED Talk around 2007. To these belong, Deutsche Post, Stuttgarter Strassenbahn with Smart City Stuttgart, EADS IABG, BW and NATO, The Vatican, HSE 24, Credit Suisse, Fiducia, Huawei and many many others...

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  • The WODA IDE allows you to completely componentize all of your code elements. This will lead to total reusability and auto-configuration, because the components are enabled to talk to each other. The WODA UI alone can serve as a generic interface for your code.
  • The ONCE OS is a reduced Operating System for all Things and
  • Thinglish is a language extension for JavaScript to make JS object oriented and type safe.
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Business Development 4.0

In this workshop class we teach how to develop a business model for the Digital Age, and then we design and build one for you to present to your stakeholders. Because of the confidential nature of the product design, this workshop can only be booked by companies and two participants each from both product development and IT need to be present for the whole workshop. .

structr and Neo4J

In this training we teach how to use the benefits of a Graph Database and the structure IDE and productivity tool.

Rapid SOA Workshop

Learn the agile methodology to create applications with SOA (service oriented architecture) and build a complete working prototype which will generate revenue for your self-designed digital business model.

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ONCE IoT Operating System

An Operating Systems allows us to communicate with machines. For man-machine communication, we need drivers for I/O devices like keyboards and monitors, we need access to mass storage, and the OS also manages processes inside the machine. These internal internal processes are memory management, starting and stopping programs, setting priorities, etc.

In the world of IoT, when machines talk to other machines, how much of this functionality is needed ? Will other functions be more important ?


We designed and built an OS which is so compact that it will run inside any browser and can be ported to the most minimalistic computing devices. Its functions are in line with the theories presented here, most of all the UCP component theory. The ONCE OS turns your IoT devices into components which can and will talk to each other, they describe themselves to the world, so that a system of IoT devices can auto-configure itself.

In order to achieve this, ONCE needs only a very limited set of commands: Hibernate, Stage, Stream, QoS, Discover, Reference, Load, Call, Start, Stop and Update.

  • Start and Stop: these methods are called without any parameters, so you do not need any additional information about your object of choice.
  • Discover:
  • Update: again, no further information needed, as each component knows where it resides and where to find its updates.
  • Reference:

  • >



    Thinglish is an extension to JavaScript ECMA6. We added some classes and methods which make JS object oriented and type safe, even at runtime. In some respect, Thinglish takes Typescript to the next level. Some advantages are:

  • interpreted in JavaScript
  • Object Oriented
  • Namespaces (runtime repository)
  • Interface (runtime yellow pages)
  • Service Oriented
  • Type safe at runtime
  • Multi Version safe
  • EAMD.ucp Component Model
  • The same way we enhanced JavaScript, we are abelt to enahnce other programming languages with the core features that are needet for the Internet of Services. The nasty part is ... walso have to enhance them. The only other language mature enought for the Internet of Services is Java with OSGi commponents. Most CIO missed the revolution that was imposed to enterprise IT landscapes by OSGi on eclipse and apache karaf. It happened silently that their core systems where renovated from within and finally more powerfully than ever.

    Thinglish is all about the basic principles that are required to build an Intenet of Services. Since Java has not become the Web, maybe the Web has to become a little more like Java. That's waht Thinglish does. It replicates the features listed above in JavaScript. And goes some steep steps further even.

    So ... finally without the need for Java...

    Are you in Silicon Business? Do you know what it takes to invent new chips? Imagine you could create hardware that would start to talk to each other like our software does
    It is possible.
    Are you brave enough?


    All of the methods presented here can be applied to DevOps as well. We built a tool which truly unites Dev and Ops for one of our biggest clients, and we can implement it for your infrastructure as well.


    Some thoughts to master today's chaos of Operations: What would be the more mature model for deploying your IT services ? a mechanism which works across all platforms which works for modern and legacy apps alike which encapsulates all apps so that they become independent and can run anywhere.

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    The WODA IDE

    WODA is an IDE for Web development. It comes with a generic GUI which is organised in four columns: What, Overview, Details, Action,

    Now if you think about it, every software that you use has these categories somewhere. On a smartphone, you may select an app, which defines WHAT you want to do. When you open the app, you get an OVERVIEW of the objects in your app, whatever they may be. When you select one of the objects, you can open it and get more DETAILS. The ACTIONS you can perform at any given time may change, depending what you have selected or which actions you have taken earlier.

    Whatever you program in WODA, the result will always be responsive. You can build small apps or comprehensive desktop programs. Here is a screenshot of the DevOps environment we built for Deutsche Bahn. When you select one of the objects, you can open it and get more DETAILS.

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    Service Oriented Architectures

    We have a fully developed course program to enable your teams to develop new digital business models and implement them with a rapid SOA methodology.

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